Our Story

Located in historic Todd, North Carolina, Heritage Homestead is a small goat dairy, nestled on 27 acres in the mountains of North Carolina.

Heritage Homestead is committed to producing delicious goat cheese in small batches on a family farm in the mountains of North Carolina. Nestled on 27 acres in historic Todd, NC, we cut hay and raise chickens, goats and jersey cows, sharing our love for animals through our products. In 2014, Jen and Mike Hambourger found the perfect location in Todd to start their homestead. They slowly added more and more animals, and eventually children of their own. After a decade as 'hobby farmers', in 2024, Jen and Mike assumed Heritage Homestead from Carol and Lon Coulter; who had founded the dairy in 2009. Learning from Carol and Lon's incomparable experience and shared commitment to community-based local agriculture, Jen and Mike look forward to continuing the farm operations for years to come. With a mixed herd of Saanen, Alpine, and Toggenburg goats, the wonderful sweet milk from pampered animals is used to make farmstead cheese sold at local farmer's markets and select retail shops. The goats are milked for 8 months out of the year, bred in late August, then kid from mid-March to April, after which the cycle begins again.